Artexte’s permanent collection is alive! It is activated through public events in support of new research, writing, as well as creating new artworks and publications around visual and print culture. Artexte aims to be inclusive of all visual cultures existing across contemporary art communities. Our on-site and virtual offerings include conferences, workshops, artist talks, performances, film screenings, as well as many interinstitutional collaborations and off-site activities.

June 24th, 2022

Summer schedule and health protocol: collection

Summer is finally here! The weather is nice and our team is enjoying the sunshine, but we are still working hard for you! Our exhibition space is getting a makeover for next fall and the collection goes into summer mode.…
Sur un fond uni mauve foncé, la superposition répétée et ondulée du titre « Atelier wiki » « x » « arts actuels » écrit en rouge occupe la partie supérieure centre du montage graphique. La partie inférieure de l’image est occupée par une masse organique aux tons de rouge et de rose, et autour de laquelle s’imbriquent sur ses creux cinq individus travaillant sur des ordinateurs portables. Grossièrement découpés de photos en noir et blanc, le montage graphique de ces mêmes individus donne un effet de collage.
September, 2021 - February, 2022 - 5 PM to 7 PM / every last Thursday of the month


ARTEXTE Information Centre, the RCAAQ / Réseau Art Actuel and Repaire – Regroupement de pairs des arts  indépendants de recherche et d’expérimentation (previously known as the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques, the Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec) are partnering…
On a plain light green background, the words “ACCESSIBILITÉ” and “ACCESSIBILITY”, written in blue, are repeated horizontally in a way to create a continuously lined pattern, which is cut by the limits of the rectangular format of the image.
Our Commitment Artexte is committed to offering a physical and digital environment that is accessible to everyone. We are working to improve accessibility in order to facilitate the use of our website and digital content for  Deaf or disabled visitors…
Summer 2021


This spring Joana Joachim returns to Artexte’s stacks for a research residency focused on Black Canadian art histories. To date there has only been one art historical anthology written with the express purpose of mapping Black Canadian art history across…
Summer 2021
St-Amour is currently engaging in research toward a collective publication – a survey/catalog of publishing methodologies with a focus on publishing networks and communities. Developed via a series of exhibitions, residencies and workshops held between 2019 and early 2020, St-Amour…
En avant-plan, nous voyons une illustration d’une tranche de melon d’eau, placée devant le melon au complet. La chair du fruit est colorée d’un rouge vif et sa peau est verte, avec des rayures ondulées noires. Les graines du fruit sont aussi noires et leur forme ressemble presque à des larmes. Au centre de l’image se trouvent les mots “Solidarité à travers les luttes/Solidarity across struggles”.

Listen, read, educate and engage

Over the years, Artexte’s vocations have evolved, yet we have always been determined to preserve and share reliable information sources and support the growth of knowledge.   In support of the Palestinian people: Its for this reason, in support of…