© Kelly-Ann Rover
© Kelly-Ann Rover

Katsitsanoron Dumoulin-Bush @ Artexte

Fall/Winter 2023

“Having spent a year delivering educational content and mediating the Initawà exhibition curated by Lori Beavis in Montreal’s Maisons de la Culture, my research will use this experience as a starting point to examine the state of cultural mediation of Indigenous works in Quebec and Canada, the differences between the gallery and the cultural centre as a space for delivering cultural content, and the barriers that exist between cultural mediation, stewardship and performance.


I am envisioning a multi-part project that will take the shape of:

  • Documentation of the educational materials used in the mediation of the Initawà exhibition.
  • A think piece or essay examining the role of the cultural mediator based on research from within the Artexte collection.
  • A creative response in the form of a scripted podcast called ‘The Schmurr Schmurr Power Hour Part 2.’”



Katsitsanoron (Kat) Dumoulin-Bush is Onkwehonwe/French Canadian from Oshahrhè:’on (Chateauguay), Quebec. They received their BA in Linguistics from Concordia University in 2017, and continue to work as an educator in Indigenous communities across Quebec, teaching mathematics, science, music, special education, and kindergarten in Tasiujaq, Eastmain and Kahnawake. They have also worked in event planning and radio as a DJ and music journalist. Katsitsanoron likes to think of themselves as a “non-disciplinary” artist; combining every medium at their disposal, and using learning itself as a medium to make freeform works that pose and respond to questions about sexual, racial, and interpersonal identity. Passionate about arts and arts management, they have frequently collaborated with daphne arts centre on many projects.

This residency is made possible thanks to the support of the Indigenous Arts Committee of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.