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Artexte at Home : Theme no.1

Art + Feminism : Indigenous Voices

Logbook of an Artexte Researcher : Analysis of the Archives for a Feminist Study of Erotic Video

Artexte on Tap no. 11

Wayside Archive

Yaniya Lee @ Artexte


Artexte at Home : Theme no. 4

Remembering and Evolving Through Video Art


Listen, read, educate and engage

Artexte at Home : Theme no.3

Participatory Art and the Eternal Network



Artexte on Tap is an ongoing series, providing an occasion to engage in dialogue and share a drink in the library. Guided by specific themes and introduced by Artexte’s librarians and invited guests, a selection of documents will be presented…
Artexte ♡ Wiki brings together all Artexte’s activities that contribute to enrich the content of the open encyclopedia Wikipedia. Collaborating with artists, researchers and organizations in our broader community, Artexte offers meeting spaces, training and resources for Wikipedians.…
Artexte on Air is a video series broadcasting our interactions, our meetings and our interests for a multitude of artistic scenes here and elsewhere. They are exchanges, interviews and discussions between that Artexte’s team members are happy to have with…