Classroom of Language (2023), exhibition view. Rad Hourani © Paul Litherland for Artexte.

Sensorial visits

As part of the exhibition "Classroom of Language"

November 16* and December 2, 2023 — 3 PM @ Artexte’s gallery space

On the occasion of the exhibition Classroom of Language by Rad Hourani, Artexte invites you to take part in a sensorial visit guided by artist Claudette Lemay.

These visits will use a variety of sensory stimulation techniques to explore the exhibition’s formal and conceptual framework from different perspectives, in addition to offering new channels for communication and activating our imaginations.

Rooted in his own experience as a neurodivergent artist, Rad Hourani’s exhibition Classroom of Language aims to open a dialogue on invisible disabilities and the divisive issues of written language. By reinventing the classroom and the alphabet, he questions how linguistics might better facilitate the structures of our synthetic languages, while challenging the norms and binary conceptions contained within language. The exhibition explores the possibilities of a multidisciplinary approach to language, encouraging each of us to create our own writing systems.


Thursday, November 16, 2023, at 3 PM (in presence of the artist Rad Hourani)

*Reserved for individuals with visual impairments
Places are limited. Please write to or phone at 514-874-0049 to confirm your interest in participating or for more information.
In French
Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 3 PM

Open to all
In French


Our guests:

Rad Hourani is an interdisciplinary artist who uses the mediums of sculpture, painting, architecture, photography, costume, curation, performance, text, sound, and video. His hybrid artistic approach seeks to question established hierarchies by decompartmentalizing disciplines. He examines humanity’s disposition towards normativity and conformity, and how we are influenced by geopolitical, religious, sexual, and economic social systems. Through his practice, Hourani observes the numerous ways in which our prejudices and biases, based on arbitrary categories, contribute to sowing division and violence.

An artist classified as BIPOC, queer, dyslexic, dysphoric and dysphonic, Hourani’s multidisciplinary approach encourages multi-sided conversations, rooted in a non-hierarchical perspective. Challenging the categorical preconceptions of identity as created by society, his anthropological studies involve lengthy research to inspire reflection and revive crucial debates on issues of inclusion and inequality. His work has been the subject of numerous international solo and collective exhibitions.


For more than twenty years, Claudette Lemay has developed a series of video and sound works that poetically explore nature and the landscape in resonance with the human body. She is also interested in writing, language, and audio-descriptions for the blind. Her work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions, both nationally and internationally (Mexico, France, Finland), and was included in several festivals around the world. In 2011, she completed her MFA in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. Claudette Lemay is a member of La Chaufferie at the Lezarts housing co-op, the artist-run centre Perte de Signal, and La traverse – Atelier géopoétique. Originally from Quebec City, she currently lives and works in Montreal.