Landscape photography of the entrance to Artexte’s white exhibition space. On the wall to the left of the photo is the title of the exhibition “Mettre la table. Setting the Table. Commissaire/Curator Manon Tourigny” on a grey vinyl. The exhibition opens on the right. Pierre Ayot’s “Graff Dinner” is displayed on a white shelf. Further back, the works “La cuisine de Bocuse” by the same artist is presented on the wall.
Manon Tourigny, “Setting the Table, exhibition view, Artexte (2024) © Paul Litherland.

Guided tour | with Manon Tourigny

As part of the exhibition “Setting the Table”

May 25, 2024 — 2 PM @ Artexte

As part of the exhibition Setting the Table, Artexte invites you to its exhibition space for a guided tour led by curator Manon Tourigny.

On the occasion of this guided tour, immerse yourself in nostalgia and memories associated with family and childhood stories, forgotten skills, flavours that bring you closer to your culture, or unforgettable moments associated with a cooked meal by loved ones or oneself. Discover the evolution of society’s culinary habits through documents from the Artexte collection and works by artists Pierre Ayot, Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf, and Karen Tam  譚嘉文.


Schedule of the event

2:00 PM: guided tour with Manon Tourigny

2:45 PM : Q&A

3:00 PM : end of the event


[in French]