Contemporary arts x Wiki Workshop, 2020. Credit : RCAAQ

Artexte at Home : Theme no.2

Knowledge Commons, Access to Information and Memory

From the comfort of your home, Artexte invites you to explore the practices of artists, researchers, and cultural workers in the contemporary art milieu in Quebec and Canada through texts, publications and media dealing with a range of themes and perspectives developed by the Artexte staff and inspired by the interests of our community. Through our collection, events and blog articles, which include audio-visual capsules of lectures, audio interviews and writings, we invite you to explore Artexte’s various digital platforms and online resources.

At the dawn of the third edition of the now 100% virtual atelier WIKI X ARTS ACTUELS, with media artist Steve Heimbecker, a collaboration between Artexte and the Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec (RCAAQ – Réseau Art Actuel), we offer our second theme, focused on access to information. This theme will explore the ways in which Artexte shares information, not only related to resources on contemporary art but also drawn from the knowledge of our team. From its very beginnings in the early 1980s, Artexte prioritized access to information through its collection and the sharing of print resources. Still today, access to documents and reliable information sources is at the core of Artexte’s work and its offering to its research community.

Through our toolkit, we support individuals who wish to improve coverage of topics related to art on Wikipedia, we inform users about open access, we share our knowledge on issues related to collective memory, web archiving and more!


Toolbox :

  • Webinar on Webrecorder : The recording of a webinar given by Anna Perricci, in collaboration with Artexte, on the web archiving service Webrecorder.






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Furthering Action For Community Safety: the Anti-Harassment Working Group at Art+Feminism

By Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, Amber Berson, and Melissa Tamani. 

Artexte invited curator, lead co-organizer of Art+Feminism and Concordia’s current Wikipedian-in-residence Amber Berson to contribute an article to its blog. Berson and her fellow co-organizers at Art+Feminism Mohammed Sadat Abdulai and Melissa Tamani wrote a collaborative piece on one of their recent initiatives: The Anti-Harassment Working Group. This essay offers insight into Wikipedia’s shortcomings in addressing instances of intimidation and aggression to its editorial community, particularly those who are underrepresented. The AHWG has conceived and applied tools to address these gaps and to help protect users. Read the piece to find out more about staying safe while contributing to making Wikipedia more inclusive!