Documents de la collection 1965-1975

Artexte has an exhaustive collection of publications relating to all aspects of the visual arts with Canadian relevance published since 1965. This collection of documentation reflects an interest in critical approaches to production, exhibition, research and writing practices in contemporary art, as well as in complementary disciplines allowing a social and cultural context for art, its interpretation and dissemination.

The collection currently consists of:

  • more than 25,000 monographic, visual, audio or digital documents
  • holdings of more than 9,000 Canadian and international contemporary art exhibition catalogues
  • 7,300 artists’ files (including 4,500 Canadian artists’ files)
  • 3,000 files on Canadian and international cultural organizations
  • more than 500 Canadian and international periodicals, with current and historical coverage (including 350 Canadian titles)
  • several special collections including the Projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE Project (740 artists’ books, artists’ editions and zines) and A Relatively Small Collection (28 sound-based artworks) and Galerie Largeness.


These databases give you access to information on documents in Artexte’s collection.

A digital repository for full-text documents about contemporary Canadian art and a catalogue for Artexte’s collection of publications on contemporary art from 1965 to the present.

Public Art Database (Archived)
This database described permanent and ephemeral public artworks produced mainly in Quebec since 1963. This resource has been developed with the aid of numerous institutions and individuals, and especially through the support of the artists whose works are documented.

The contents of the Public Art Database have been archived in e-artexte as an HTML file. You may consult the e-artexte record and download the file via the following link:

Droits d’auteur


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We also recognize the value of copyright to those who work in the arts and culture. The content of this website (text and images), the electronic resources, the digital collections, and the databases of Artexte – their content, structure and related documents – are protected by Canadian copyright law.


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