Since the opening of its new exhibition space in the 2-22 building in the heart of the Montreal’s Quartier de Spectacles in 2012, Artexte has presented 14 exhibitions in relation to the documentation of art or print and published art, most of which have been produced through partnerships. In the spirit of artistic collectivity, we invite artists, researchers in residence and curators, both individuals and collectives, to present their work in relation to the permanent collection.

Photo d’une vue de l’exposition Blackity. À gauche de la photo, sur un mur blanc, nous pouvons y lire en gris clair le titre de l’exposition : « BLACKITY » et juste en dessous, en plus petits caractères, « commissaire/curator : Joana Joachim ». À droite de ce mur blanc se trouve une ouverture agissant comme l’entrée de l’exposition. Cette photo nous offre donc un avant-goût de ce que contient l’exposition, l’intérieur de la salle étant que partiellement visible à travers l’entrée de l’exposition. September 23, 2021 - June 23, 2022 / online: October 7, 2021

An exhibition curated by Joana Joachim

The cyclical dis-remembering of Black Canadian artistic practices has long been characteristic of art institutions on Turtle Island. Yet, as curator and researcher Andrea Fatona notes in an interview with artist and curator Liz Ikiriko [1], there are clear periods…