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Photo of the chapbook by Yaniya Lee. The minimalist blue cover is marked by the title of the book in white. Written in capital letters, the title reads "A Black art history project by Yaniya Lee" at the top of the cover. In the centre, it says "Buseje Bailey" in larger font. Finally, at the bottom of the cover, it written in medium font "reasons why we have to disappear every once in a while". The blue cover contrasts with the clarity of the uniform white background.

Launch | Buseje Bailey. reasons why we have to disappear every once in a while. A Black art history project by Yaniya Lee

As part of Yaniya Lee’s research residency

Artexte X Le Sigh | conversation on Artletics

with Julia Eilers Smith, Florencia Sosa Rey and Didier Morelli

Guided tour | with Didier Morelli

As part of the exhibition “Artletics”


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