Gabrielle Larocque, 2019, sérigraphie-outil de documentation sur la collaboration

Gabrielle Larocque and The Broke Lab @ Artexte

Archiver le vivant : un laboratoire méthodologique

Spring 2021

How does the encounter between the document collection and live or performative arts inform the subject of collaboration? My residency draws from Artexte’s material documents —a literature primarily donated by a community of artists and cultural workers—  so as to extract concepts that allow to measure, analyse, and ultimately, to forge a connection between the documentation of Le Broke Lab, a dance collective whose work is focused on modes of collaboration, research and experimentation. This meeting in-the-making between two collections that of Artexte and that of Le Broke Lab, allows for an assertion of the interactional tendency of contemporary collections. The objective is to nourish a performative classification, that is, a classification that integrates collaborative gestures between myself, Artexte employees, and the members of Le Broke Lab. Following the two-month research residency, a performative deposit will give a final breath to these actions through a public presentation of the process of transferral of hands of the collective’s documents. The traces of this process could therefore be added to numerous artistic collaborations conducted by Le Broke Lab, alongside many collaborative gestures already existing in the isles of the library.


Artist and researcher, Gabrielle Larocque comes from an anthropological and visual arts background. Her doctoral research, supervised by Anne Bénichou, focuses on the heritage of performing arts and on the interdisciplinary encounter that is produced. Her research practice extends beyond academia, and engages her through curatorial and artistic practice. She publishes and communicates about her projects (VU, 2020) and her artworks have recently been acquired by private and institutional collections (MAC LAU, 2019). She is the winner of the 2015 Roland-Arpin Award and the recipient of the FRQSC scholarship since 2020.