Artexte, 2020

Artexte’s Educational Guides


These educational guides, created by members of Artexte’s staff provide research guidance on particular subjects as they relate to contemporary visual art. We hope that they will inspire reflection and discussion.

Each thematic guide is divided into subcategories and provides a list of resources in our collection. The subcategories and the accompanying descriptions uncover different facets of each theme and bring out questions and issues that can arise from research on the topic.


Within fashion, we can extract multiple themes, such as politics, sexuality, as well as race, amongst many others. In this package, you will find a selection of resources addressing these interdisciplinary fashion studies available in Artexte’s collection.

N.B.: The term fashion alone can be synonymous to trends and the ideal aesthetic. However, for the purpose of this guide, fashion is limited to fashion clothing, dress and accessories.


Discover the guide and its resources : Fashion – PDF