Image: Jenny Lin.

(in)visibility: an AR zine-making workshop

for QTBIPOC participants

15 August, 2018 0 12 PM to 4 PM

This workshop, facilitated by Jenny Lin (B&D Press), is an introduction to zine-making in combination with augmented reality (AR) technology, exploring the subject of visibility / invisibility as experienced by QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) individuals and communities. In this workshop, participants will be guided through the process of how to use a free AR app to create virtual viewing experiences combined with a physical, paper zine (for example, a photograph, collage, drawing or text on a page of a zine will activate a virtual layer of content that is viewable on a screen-based device such as a smart-phone or tablet). For this workshop, we will be using HP Reveal, a free AR app that works for both Android and Apple phones and tablets.

The workshop will include hands-on instruction on zine-making including some examples of basic book-binding, a look at some works created by QTBIPOC zinesters, group discussion and production / creation time. By the end of the workshop, participants can choose whether they would like to include their workshop content in a collective QTBIPOC augmented reality zine made available in Distroboto machines in Montreal.

This workshop will be given in English, with whisper translation available in French.



Part one: Intro to zines: (30 minutes)

  • What is a zine?
  • Look at examples of various types of zines
  • Talk about zines, self-publishing, self-representation
  • Look at examples of QTBIPOC zines
  • Discussion with participants

Part two: Basic binding and zine-making tips: (30 minutes)

    • Imposition
    • Simple binds including:
      • 8-page folded zine
      • Saddle-stitch zines
      • Pamphlet-stitch
      • Accordion zines

Part three: How to use AR (30 minutes)

Part four: zine-making:

  • Discussion on the subject of visibility and invisibility as experienced by QTBIPOC individuals and communities (30 minutes)
  • Creating content with participants (2 hours)