Adam Kinner – Winter 2015

From February to April 2015, Artexte welcomes Montreal based artist Adam Kinner for a research residency exploring the intersection of the dancing body and the state. With Artexte’s support, he will pursue research for an upcoming project titled The Gesture of Giving is Glorious. Particularly interested in issues around documentation and the body’s presence, Kinner will interact with Artexte’s extensive collection in order to benefit from its many resources and research some of the aspects of his ambitious project. The Gesture of Giving is Glorious consists of a body of interrelated works (bringing together performance, documentation, archival work and public dialogue) that focus on the mechanisms through which the dancing body and the state interact. Finding agency in the various bureaucratic, technological and economic processes of culture, Kinner’s project elaborates the dancing body’s capacity to resist within the landscape of state institutions.

Adam Kinner(1984, Washington, D.C.) lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Trained as a musician, he began working in dance in 2011 as a way of experimenting with the radical potentials of the performing body. His work moves across music, performance, choreography, and documentation as it composes the performing body within the matters, affects, discourses, histories and objects of the lived present. Kinner has collaborated with artists such as Ame Henderson and Public Recordings (Toronto), Noémie Solomon (Providence, Rhode Island), Jacob Wren and PME-Art (Montreal), and Christopher Willes (Toronto). His work has been presented in Montreal at Tangente, OFFTA, Studio 303, Usine C, the McCord Museum, SBC Gallery, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery and Innovations en Concert, and abroad in Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Istanbul and Rotterdam.