Joyce Wieland in A and B in Ontario, from the book The Films of Joyce Wieland, Kathryn Elder, ed. Cinémathèque Ontario

DOCUMENTS: Joyce Wieland

June 7 – 21, 2014

DOCUMENTS is an annual programme in which materials from the Artexte collection are brought out of their boxes and presented in the gallery space.

DOCUMENTS may take many forms, and is an opportunity for the Artexte staff to honour, display and reckon with the collection.

This first edition of DOCUMENTS will feature books by Wieland such as True Patriot Love, and Writings and Drawings, as well as two of her early short experimental films, Rat Life and Diet in North America, 1968 / 16 min, and A & B in Ontario (with Hollis Frampton), 1984, 16:05 min. The films will be screened continuously during gallery hours.

The presentation Joyce Wieland’s films was made possible through the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.