Photo credit : Danielle St-Amour, 2021

Danielle St-Amour @ Artexte

Summer 2021

St-Amour is currently engaging in research toward a collective publication – a survey/catalog of publishing methodologies with a focus on publishing networks and communities. Developed via a series of exhibitions, residencies and workshops held between 2019 and early 2020, St-Amour will continue incorporating materials from Artexte’s collection that expand or underscore this research in conversation with project contributors Chris Lee, Julie Niemi and Steven Chodoriwsky.


Danielle St-Amour is an artist, writer, and curator who works predominantly with publishing practices. In 2018, St-Amour completed her term as Executive Director at Art Metropole in Toronto and undertook a curatorial residency at SBC Gallery in Montreal. At SBC St-Amour developed a year-long programming series investigating the intersections of publishing and collective labour. In 2013, St-Amour co-curated the exhibition TO BECOME WHOLE at The Banff Centre with writer and art historian Robin Simpson, looking at the history and impact of the Canadian Whole Earth Almanac and Toronto’s experimental Rochdale College.  St-Amour lectures, teaches workshops and regularly publishes arts-adjacent writing and artists books nationally and internationally.