A THOUSAND CUTS. Beck Gilmer-Osborne. 3-channel video installation. Fuller Rosen Gallery (Portland, OR). (2019) Photographer: Mario Gallucci.

Artexte at Home : Theme no. 4

Remembering and Evolving Through Video Art

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As part of the fourth edition of Artexte at Home and following our latest gallery exhibition, Magnetic Sequences, we invite you to explore Canadian video art from its emergence to the present day through the words of pioneer and emerging artists who raise new reflections on the current stakes posed by the archiving of this medium. On the occasion, we invite you to read an interview our librarian Jessica Hébert’s conducted with video artist and archivist Beck Gilmer-Osborne and to browse through our many resources on this subject.


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Interview with Beck Gilmer-Osborne


Part 1: Looking at Archival Practices and the Work of Trans and 2Spirit Moving Image Artists.

Part 2: A Thousand Cuts and censorship


In this two-part interview, transmedia artist and archivist Beck Gilmer-Osborne spoke with our librarian Jessica Hébert about their artistic practice and the importance of reflecting on issues surrounding archiving and access when considering the work of trans and 2Sprit artists. Part one looks at the work of trans and 2Spirit moving image artists and examines best archival practices for preserving the memory and integrity of their artworks. In part two, Beck discusses their video work A Thousand Cuts, which illustrates the misrepresentation of transgender people in film and television when played by cisgender actors. Beck shares their experience dealing with the censorship of this piece at the Calgary-based arts organization Arts Commons in 2018.