Photo by Hélène Brousseau. Anna Banana with Librarian Jessica Hébert at Artexte, October 2019.

Artexte at Home : Theme no.3

Participatory Art and the Eternal Network

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For this third edition of Artexte at Home, we explore participatory art practices through our collection. On this occasion, we are delighted to present an interview with Anna Banana, a pioneer of participatory art. Anna discusses her artistic practice, her early career, and her vision to create art that is accessible to everyone by eliminating the hierarchy between the artist and audience in order to create participatory works that engage with the public. 

Anna Banana’s participatory practices also extend to mail art, a practice of communication and exchange of works through the postal system. In these times of pandemic and isolation, it is sometimes difficult to stay connected to each other, but through mail art we can discover the eternal network that presents a vision of continuous communication and collaboration between artists.


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In english

By : Jessica Hébert 

On : October 2nd, 2019