Photo : With the permission of Sally Wolchyn-Raab, 2020.

Eyelevel @ Artexte

Winter 2020

Sally Wolchyn-Raab, director of Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, will be conducting a short research residency on the relationship between printed matter and Artist Run Centres; exploring the development of artist-driven bookstores, archives and libraries. Through examining Artexte’s collection on Artist Run Centres, she will be uncovering the artistic and curatorial histories of these spaces, the programming that has been buoyed by the relation between text, artist books and exhibition spaces, and their social contexts and foci. Wolchyn-Raab will also be working alongside the staff of Artexte to learn more about the operational tools and challenges faced by organizations maintaining printed matter repositories.


Sally Wolchyn-Raab is a Jewish-American interdisciplinary artist, critical writer and Artist Run Centre nerd. She resides in K’jipuktuk (Halifax) where she works as the Artistic Director of Eyelevel Artist Run Centre & Bookstore, is the President of Atlantis Association of Artist Run Centres from the Atlantic, and sits of the Editorial Committee for Visual Arts News. Her work centres community-based and intersectional feminist approaches to science, body, and space.


As an artist/writer, her work has been published and exhibited in Canada and the United States including Nocturne Art At Night (a collaboration with her best friend, Sage Wheeler) HOAX Magazine (San Francisco), Visual Arts News (Atlantic Canada), LUMA quarterly (Southern Alberta), Woman Made Gallery (Chicago), Nuit Blanche Edmonton, and the 2012 Calgary Biennial.Wolchy