Photo : Paul Litherland, 2017.

Symposium Discourse in Motion

November 29 - 30, 2019

Arprim & Artexte, Montreal

With Sylvette Babin, Sarah Chouinard-Poirier, Paul Couillard, Carola Dertnig, Anique Jordan, Adam Kinner, Yen-Chao Lin, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Danielle St-Amour.


Discourse in Motion is the final event of the An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time and the beginning of a series of public projects in conjunction with the research project Keeping it Live / L’archive vivante : Performances, Archives and Exhibitions.  


Discourse in Motion sets out to investigate and bring to light performances’ many histories and  formats of representation that meet and are built within the discursive field of theories, notes, stories, and actions. Presented as a moment of shared reflection this event discusses performance’s various modes of iteration and archival existence(s) as a critical and a discursive practice – before, during and after the act. Together we are looking at how performance within the framework of the archive as a curatorial format not only inspires, reflects and documents but also shapes and, most importantly, changes how we experience and think about liveness as part of arts many forms of appearances. 


Organized as a series of artist presentations (Moving Histories and Discourse), a workshop (The Spaces of the Book), and a conversation (Writing and Performing) this symposium discusses the theoretical and practice-based relationships performers and writers act out and hold fast in relation to the embodiment of language through text as much as voice and gesture. We are especially interested in the slippage between lines and pages and will look at how the act of writing, various forms of publishing and the performance of their research, defines their practices. The objective of both An Annotated Bibliography in Real Time and the research project Keeping it Live: Performances, Archives and Exhibitions is to offer a hybrid and discursive perspective on the historization and institutionalization of performance art investigating performance’s many circumstances and modes of production, experience, and reception over time.


Organized by Emmanuelle Choquette, Barbara Clausen et Joana Joachim.