Photo: With the permission of Jenny Lin, 2019.

Jenny Lin @ Artexte

(Double)-Fisting (Endless) Loop

Fall 2019

Based on a set of spontaneously generated word prompts offered by Eloisa Aquino, I added a word to each prompt, then parsed the general sentiment of the list into general themes that interest me. A somewhat “random” entry point that blends free association, personal reflection and research on Canadian artists’ works in the collection at Artexte, this residency will culminate in a set of image and text-based zines titled by these word prompts, along the general themes of exhaustion, excess, greed, desperation, longing, memory, hopelessness, catharsis and documentation.


Jenny Lin is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Montreal. Her practice centers around experimental narrative, including autobiography, fiction and autobiographical fiction. She has created alternative readings of mainstream narratives, particularly reframing the ambiguous and fragmented tropes in storytelling as sites for transgressive actions and identities. Using digitally-rendered and hand-drawn imagery, she uses print media, video or web-based platforms to explore formats including 2-D print, artist books and zines, single and multi-channel video, installation and interactive web projects. Some of her book projects were created in collaboration with Eloisa Aquino and B & D Press. Jenny Lin completed a BFA degree at the University of Calgary (1994-98) and an MFA at Concordia University (1998-2001). She currently teaches at Concordia University as an instructor in the Print Media Program Area.