Photo: Pascaline Knight, 2019.

Pascaline Knight @ Artexte

Bcc: Blind Carbon Copy, bringing the moon within. Artist performance followed by a conversation with Jessica Hébert

October 2, 2019 - 6 PM

For the second edition of VOLUME, Art and the Book, Artexte has invited artist Pascaline Knight for a micro-residency in the collection, which centers around three clickable keywords chosen by the artist : Map, Feminine, BirdThe results of her research will be presented in a vitrine exhibition in our reading room, as well as a public performance and discussion on Wednesday, October 2nd at 6 PM.

Through the tactile pleasure of mimesis, transfer in cc (carbon copy), and simple gestures in situ, she probes the outline of her findings. A playful meandering in order to highlight the notion that this is also that, in which the meaning is always moving; neutralizing the territory between the self and the other. The carbon copy opens a space for the other to engage the « may be » from another perspective, from another voice. These choices are a culmination of her CALQ residency in Bâle, Suisse, last Spring, during which she began a cartographic research project of the plurality of the feminine « selves », employing as referenzpunkt the circumference of her behind. She used the pressure of her body to create prints. Pascaline Knight works within the gap between micropublishing, screen printing, stop-motion animation, installation, writing and drawing, to evoke the fleeting aspect of the present moment. It is in this transdisciplinarity that she finds connecting potentialities. Having worked for a long time with the juxtaposition of words and images, in her most recent work she notes the ways in which the word separates: to say is to betray.

Pascaline Knight holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University (1996). In 2015 she moved to Toronto and obtained her MFA in Interdisciplinary Media Art and Design at OCAD University (2017).  She has exhibited extensively nationally and in Europe. Participating in self-publishing Art Book Fairs such as Tirage Limité in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Toronto Art Book Fair in Toronto, 2017. More recently, she made an installation and performance at Galerie du Nouvel Ontario. She was awarded a research residency grant from the CALQ in Basel, Switzerland (March-July 2019). She received the support from CAC for her residency at Agalab in Amsterdam, Holland, in November 2018 as well as for her upcoming residency at Kala Arts Institute in Berkeley, California (2020). This fall, she will exhibit Le e dans l’o de mon cœur / When ( i ) draw my own lines- Performing the substrate at Open Studio in Toronto, Ont. Her books can be consulted at the Thomas Fisher rare book library, The York University Library in Toronto, the BANQ and Artexte in Quebec, the Musée Cantonal de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Jessica Hébert is an artist and librarian, specialist of the print collection at Artexte. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts from Concordia University and a Masters of Library and Information Studies from McGill University. Since 2013, she has been an active member of Art Libraries Association of North America (ARLIS) and served as president of the Montreal-Quebec-Ottawa chapter in 2017. She began working at Artexte in 2014, and is interested in the creation and collection of artists’ books and zines, as well as the documentation of ephemeral artworks.