Photo: With the permission of Michèle Champagne, 2019.

Michèle Champagne : Life, Smile, Publication

Lexicon on happiness and well-being

Summer 2019

In 2018, Michèle Champagne examined the broad concept of happiness by questioning its silhouette, industry, vocabulary and legibility in our society. Through this exploration, Champagne conducted a critical and nuanced reflection on happiness and well-being when they get mixed up in management and digital surveillance infrastructure. Through this project, she created a critical lexicon on notions of happiness and well-being during her research residency at Artexte. This critical lexicon is progressively being shaped into a database which will be also accessible to the public.


Michèle Champagne is a graphic designer who moves between visual research, creative direction, and publication design. She works with publication as a “two-way” conversation, and she meanders through open source dynamics, collaborative authorship, and reader participation.

After completing a Masters of Design at Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam in 2011, Champagne is recognized for her collaborations with Droog, Mediamatic, Metahaven, Penguin Random House, Strelka Institute, and VPRO. In 2016 she co-founds, an international school dedicated to design, art, and computation. She lives in Montréal.