A-B-Z presents A-B-Z-LUM

An Art and Design Workshop on Typography with Ken Lum

May 25, 2019 - 12 PM to 5 PM

A-B-Z introduces LUM, an art and design workshop with artist Ken Lum. Through an open call for participation, A-B-Z welcomes international applicants from visual art, graphic design and literature across media, and invites curious students and professionals of all ages, identities, colours, genders and genres.


All applicants must apply through a-b-z.co. Participation will include attendance at a public evening talk at Concordia University on May 24, and a hands-on afternoon workshop on May 25 at Artexte.


Deadlines for applications: May 3, 2019


A group of 12 participants will be selected and notified by May 8.


Cost of participation: $75


Ken Lum is known for his painting, sculpture, and photography, as well as his alliance with language and letters of the commercial variety. From Melly Shum Hates Her Job (1990) to Shopkeeping Series (2001), Four French Deaths in Western Canada (2002), and Necrology Series (2017), Lum’s typographic subjects are drawn from commercial signs across a spectrum of races, classes and tastes – from discount nail shops to opera concerts, newspaper hooks, headlines and obituaries. Lum is also a writer, with an upcoming book to be published by Concordia University Press.


A-B-Z is an international, decentralized school for art, design and computation. Based in Toronto and Montreal, A-B-Z organizes informal talks, workshops and Bachelor courses that explore art and design as forms of inquiry (and not only patron or client services). A-B-Z works across analogue and digital cultures, and creates collaborative publishing projects that delineate relationships between its activities on- and off-line. Its zines, books and web-to-print publications are archived at Artexte. A-B-Z is founded and directed by designer Michèle Champagne.