My-Van Dam and Nuria Carton de Grammont.

Politiques + (in)visibles

Research residency with Nuria Carton de Grammont, My-Van Dam, Stanley Février and Michaëlle Sergile

winter 2018-2019

The collective research project, Politiques + (in)visibles is an in-depth investigation into the notion of “diversity” and the different groups and movements created by “racialized” people from the 1960s until today in contemporary Canadian and Quebecois art. Our questions revolve around the political and social impact of these different struggles and movements of cultural demands in the consolidation of cultural development policies on “diversity”. We will also try to understand why these many affirmations of identity recognition have been invisibilized by a system of institutional under-representation. Today, one of the great challenges in Canadian art history is situating the cultural heritage and artistic contribution of its diverse diasporas and ethnocultural realities. Our contribution is thus to situate their historical visibility from a decolonial perspective. We therefore want to make possible a common ground beyond national multicultural policies and to question the sharing of power in the practice and writing of Canadian art history.