Selection of documents from the Réjean F. Côté collection.

Artexte on Tap 8: Catherine Barnabé’s micro-residency

Presented as part of the Montreal Printed Art Festival (FAIMTL) 2019

April 10, 2019 - 5:30 PM

This micro-residency is part of the second edition of the Montreal Printed Art Festival (FAIMTL) 2019, around the theme of the “other” spaces that print art can occupy, that is public or virtual spaces.

With the vast idea of ​​exploring practices in print that are interfering in the public space, my research in Artexte’s collection initially focused on postal art that occupies public space both stealthily or by a more organized way. The thread of my research leads me more precisely to infiltration strategies of established systems (postal, economic, social). I’m starting to see a line between the diversion of their languages ​​and communication tools: stamps or newspapers, for example. These approaches often seem to democratize the artistic process since they lie outside its system, and they can also become a mean of dissemination or become a mean of communication once again. On one hand, I want to explore how these practices can be a vector of link between people – since there is always this question of an exchange, or at least of a handover – and on the other hand, I am interested in how their infiltration can defeat, foil or fuel the system in which they interfere.


Curator, author and freelance translator based in Montreal, Catherine Barnabé co-founded Espace Projet, a Montreal-based dissemination organization, where she has been co-director and curator since 2012. She holds a master’s degree in art studies from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2011). Since then, she has written for various magazines and galleries. In addition to the group exhibitions she presents with Espace Projet, her curatorial work has been presented in galleries in Montreal, Toronto and New York. She completed residencies at Est Nord-Est (Quebec) in 2012, at Linea de Costa (Spain) in 2015 and at ISCP (New York) in 2016. She is currently working on a series of exhibitions on the concept of geography that will unfold over several years. She undertakes in this micro-residency as part of her duties as Program Director of the Montreal Festival of Printed Arts.


Artexte on Tap is an ongoing bimonthly series that takes place every two months, providing an occasion to engage in dialogue and share a drink in the library. Guided by specific themes and introduced by Artexte’s librarians and invited guests, a selection of documents will be presented to allow opportunities for discovery and to generate informal conversations about contemporary art and documentation.