Photo: Céline Huyghebaert, Femmes allongées, 2016. Impression laser de coupures et pages de livres de Olivia Boudreau, Marie Darrieussecq et autres, 22 x 30 cm.

Céline Huyghebaert @ Artexte

a particular case. «J’en ai fait un cas particulier et non un cas d’espèce» Marguerite Duras, La vie matérielle

Summer 2018

During her residency, Céline Huyghebaert will act as a researcher and occupy the Artexte documentation center to extract discourses about contemporary artists. Expanding on a residency at La Chambre Blanche in Quebec City in 2016, she will compile documents, collect testimonies, and transform them in order to create a visual and textual biography of a fictional artist based solely on texts and images found in articles, monographs and artist interviews. Her approach is not based on a scientific methodology, but rather on coincidental connections and on a principle of collage in which 1 + 1 = 3, in other words, that meaning may be derived from the friction between displaced fragments. By appropriating the words of others through assemblage, Céline Huyghebaert also confronts the limits, which serve to delineate the changing boundaries between inspiration, homage and plagiarism. Is it plagiarism only when one takes too much?


Originally from France, Céline Huyghebaert has lived in Montreal for fifteen years. Her artistic work and research surrounding language has been presented in several solo and group exhibitions (Darling Foundry / 2017, DARE DARE / 2017, Arprim / 2017, Formats / 2016, Canadian Center for Architecture / 2012, etc.). She has also participated in fairs and exhibitions on micropublishing both locally and abroad, including the Toronto Art Book Fair (2017), the Edition/Forme/Remix exhibition curated by Collectif blanc (2017), and Fanzines! in Paris (2012). In her practice, she does not distinguish between alternative productions such as zines and exhibitions and the production of artist’s books. All fit into an interest for the document and its intermingling with fiction, editing and its collaborative nature, the use of simple materials, as well as the book and the relationship between text and image.