Artexte on Tap 3: Art and Politics

February 21, 2018 - 5:30 PM

Artexte on tap is back, we invite you to join us for a glass of beer and conversation about contemporary art and politics !

Through their artistic practices, these artists denounce the social and political injustices of our time. Some artists use the framework of established political and social spaces – for example, some use the electoral and parliamentary system or networks of citizen mobilization, to claim a presence in the public sphere, ideological and social. As a result, readings of multiple, sometimes critical, satirical or absurd nature. From these practices, spaces of reflection and ideation of contemporary lifestyles are stated.

We will take this opportunity to present a selection of documents from our collection. Posters, ephemera, artists’ books, catalogs and monographs will feature projects by several artists, such as Kim Waldron, Chris Lloyd, Clement de Gaulejac, Vincent Trasov (Mr. Peanut), Adrian Stimpson, Michael Blum, Just Seeds (collective), The Hummer Sisters, Jeff Thomas, among others.

Artexte on Tap is an ongoing series at which takes place every two months, providing an occasion to engage in dialogue and share a drink in the library. Guided by specific themes and introduced by Artexte’s librarians and invited guests, a selection of documents will be presented to allow opportunities for discovery and to generate informal conversations about contemporary art and documentation.