Lacroix, Laurier and Ramsden, Anne. Anastylose : Un inventaire, 2000. Lessard, Denis. La Ville intérieure, ou : Vingt-six heures dans le Montréal souterrain, 2015. Jolicoeur, Nicole. La voie parfaite, 1994.

Reactivating the Archive

A conversation with Nicole Jolicoeur and Denis Lessard

February 9, 2017 - 6 PM to 8 PM

In connection to Anne Ramsden’s current exhibition Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, we are pleased to present a conversation between artists Nicole Jolicoeur, Denis Lessard and Anne Ramsden. Jolicoeur and Lessard will each give a presentation about aspects of their work, which integrate archival materials. These presentations will be followed by a three-way discussion addressing issues arising from their use of archival materials as a basis for making art.

Nicole Jolicoeur lives in Montreal. Since 1980, her photographic and audiovideographic installations have been presented in numerous solo or group exhibitions in Canada, France, England, Mexico and the United States and have received many critical reviews. Her works are also part of several public collections. Her multidisciplinary practice has developed around issues relating to the decontextualisation, the poetization and the incarnation of the archival image.

Denis Lessard is an artists and archiving consultant. Since 1982, he has been presenting performances and visual creations in Canada, the United-States, France and the Netherlands. He also works as an art critic, translator, guest curator and art history teacher. His interdisciplinary practice engages with issues around collection, masculine identity, spirituality and the relationship between literature, music and visual arts.


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