Adam Kinner @ Artexte

A research residence on themes of exteriority and exile

Winter 2017

This winter, we are pleased to welcome Montreal-based artist, Adam Kinner, for a research residency. Kinner is looking at works and artistic practices, which engage with themes of exteriority, exile, borders and the figure of the alien. He is interested by how these themes get manipulated in order to posit escapes or new scenes of belonging to a place or a thing. Kinner is also exploring how these themes become incorporated in ever shifting regimes of naturalization. His research moves through disciplines and time periods, tracking how our idea of the exterior can manifest itself differently and for vastly different ends.

Adam Kinner lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Trained as a musician, he began working in dance in 2011 as a way of experimenting with the radical potentials of the performing body. His work moves across music, performance, choreography, and documentation as it composes the performing body within the matters, affects, discourses, histories and objects of the lived present. Kinner has collaborated with artists such as Ame Henderson and Public Recordings (Toronto), Noémie Solomon (USA), Jacob Wren and PME-Art (Montreal), and Christopher Willes (Montreal/Toronto). His work has been presented in Montreal at Tangente, OFFTA, Studio 303, Usine C, the McCord Museum, SBC Gallery, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery and Innovations en Concert, and abroad in Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Istanbul and Marseille.