Snow, Michael. Cover to Cover. Halifax, NS: The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design; New York, NY: s.n., 1975.

One Hour, One Book: Derek Sullivan

February 20, 2014 - 6 PM

Artexte welcomes Toronto artist Derek Sullivan for a presentation that will delve into ways of thinking about and looking at the artist book Cover to Cover by Michael Snow. It is an important publication in the bookscape of artists’ books for its narrative experimentation and complex sequence of photographs. Cover to Cover is composed of a series of intriguing images that are read from front to back, and backwards. Snow’s interest in the material aspect of the book and  the potential significance of the binding, is manifested here freely while the artist plays with the conventions  of the book form and how it is read.

Sullivan offers a personal interpretation of the book composed of speculations, erroneous readings, anachronisms and ramifications of all sorts.


Derek Sullivan and Artexte Editions

Derek Sullivan is interested in the legacy of late Modernist art history and design, he replays and intermixes art historical and wider cultural references in his production of artists’ books, drawings, sculptures and ephemeral installations.

With Gareth Long, he is the co-author of the  Artexte Editions publication: The Dictionary of Received Ideas (Galley # 5) (2010). In this galley of the ongoing publication, Long and Sullivan illustrate the letters “A” to “F”, (from “Abelard” to “Fig Leaf”), of Gustave Flaubert’s famous dictionary.