One Hour, One Book: Emmelyne Pornillos

Rober Racine : Fantasmes Fragiles

Friday, October 17th at 6 PM

For this third edition of One Hour, One Book, artist and graphic designer Emmelyne Pornillos will present Rober Racine : Fantasmes fragiles (2005) by Louise Déry, Rober Racine and Julie Bélisle, a monographic publication which explores the universe of the artist Rober Racine.


Notes from Emmelyne Pornillos

Rober Racine: Fantasmes fragiles is a book that exists in different ways. It began as an idea in the author’s mind and then it became an object with several physical forms:
1) A printed and bound object produced in multiple copies
2) A printed and bound object that exists in an edition of one
3) A monochromatic image of the object
4) Press sheets folded and not bound
5) Press sheets retrieved at the time of printing in 2005 and kept flat since.

For One Hour, One Book, I would like to use these different forms to speak about how this book was made, both conceptually and in terms of its production.


Inspired by the version of the book editioned once, we will collectively produce a book using a process introduced during the Recto-Verso-Quattro-Octo bookbinding workshop which I presented at Artexte with Meredith Carruthers for Journées de la Culture this year. To do so, we will use Artexte’s bookbinding kit and the press sheets from Fantasmes Fragiles. Making this object with our own hands will give us certain insights into book design and bookmaking.