a preview of the special selection focusing on aboriginal art from Artexte’s collection

Focus on aboriginal art

Special presentation during the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective’s Iakwé:Iahre Colloquium

October 16 - 18, 2014

This month, Artexte is pleased to welcome members of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC). The ACC will be in Montreal for their annual meeting, which will be held at Concordia University (October 16-18). This colloquium, called Iakwé:Iahre [we remember], focuses on  “an active and collaborative act of remembering as applied to the contemporary idea of an archive from an Indigenous perspective.” For this reason, Artexte’s participation seems particularly relevant.

In addition to a guided tour for the members of the colloquium, Artexte invites the public to consult a special display of collection materials related to aboriginal art in Canada, to play theIdle No More Blockade video game (created by Chelsea Vowel, a Montreal based Métis activist, educator and writer) and to watch the video This is a stereotype (a collaboration by Cannupa Hanska Luger and Dylan McLaughlin).