Bruno Latour, Enquête sur les modes d’existence (2012).

The History of Contemporary Art

Thinking Through “Enquête sur les modes d’existence” by Bruno Latour

May 1, 2014 - 1 PM to 4 PM

Art historian, Christine Ross, in collaboration with Artexte, will hold a seminar gathering a dozen contemporary art historians affiliated with Montreal’s four universities. This seminar aims to give an account of current research practices in contemporary art. As an orientation tool for this discussion, the seminar invites art historians and doctoral students to consider a publication that challenges art history, although it does not stem directly from the discipline itself: Enquête sur les modes d’existence (2012) by Bruno Latour.

Participants: Johanne Lamoureux (UdM), Olivier Asselin (UdM), Suzanne Paquet (UdM), Marie Fraser (UQAM), Jean-Philippe Uzel (UQAM), Monia Abdallah (UQAM), Alice Jim (Concordia), and Amelia Jones (McGill). Doctoral students : Tawny Andersen (McGill), Gentiane Bélanger (UQAM), Katrie Chagnon (UdM), Gina Cortopassi (UQAM), Daniel Fiset (UdM), Ji Yoon Han (UdM), Catherine Lavoie-Marcus (UQAM), and Maryse Ouellet (McGill).