Daniel Canty @ Artexte

Fall 2013

Daniel Canty‘s residency project revolves around his literary trilogy titled Bucky Ball, a novel that connects the real and imaginary worlds of science-fiction, the author’s childhood in Montreal in the 1960s, and the architecture of Expo ’67. Canty’s residency will culminate in an exhibition of images and objects that unfold the “auto-science-fiction-transtemporal” universe of his text, published in the form of an artist book.

Daniel Canty has produced many innovative works in literature, film, design, theatre, as well as the visual and media arts, and he is well-known for his collaborations with other creators from these fields. In addition to his recent literary work (Wigrum, 2011; Le Livre de chevet, 2009), he has produced site-specific installations in libraries and former train stations (Bruire, 2013; Le Tableau des départs, 2010), and produced award-winning films, librettos, and myriad other projects. He lives in Montréal.