Tim Dallett @ Artexte

Reception of Electronic Art in Canada

Spring 2008

Timothy Dallett’s project is conceived as an interactive study of the reception of electronic art practices in the Canadian artistic milieu during the period 1965-1995. The focus of the research is the theory and history of dynamic technological systems equivalent to artistic experience. Dallett aims to study the electronic artwork’s theoretical framework, primary research on the genre and the historiography of the the reception of electronic artworks. The temporal scope of the research is from the begining of Artexte’s holdings to the threshold of Internet’s integration to artistic practices.

Timothy Dallett has been involved in media arts and artist-run centres for more than 15 years; as an artist, curator, administrator, technician, writer and educator. He studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax; at the University of Toronto and at the School of Architecture, Carleton University (Ottawa). His work has been shown in numerous galleries across the country. Timothy Dallett lives in Saskatoon.