Nicole Gingras @ Artexte

Sound in Canadian Contemporary Art


Nicole Gingras investigates how audio practices are used and developed in the Candian art context, and how they link to interdisciplinary forms such as performance, video, sculpture, sound environment , web and radio art. Today, while the use of sound in visual and medi arts develop, it appears particularly pertinent to analyse the interrelations between these fields. The research looks into historical aspects – particularly through Artexte’s collection of documentation – and stays firmly attached to the current activity linked to the dissemination of audio art– exhibitions, publications, performances, concerts and festivals. This project’s goal is to underline the development and impact of sound components in a variety of Canadian art practices.

Nicole Gingras is well known in media and visuals arts milieus in Canada. She organized circulating exhibitions with the Mois de la Photo à Montréal, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Musée de Joliette; and abroad with Passage de Retz (Paris), the Santa Monica Art Centre (Barcelone), and the Centre d’art contemporain de Basse-Normandie. As a guest curator, she collaborated on film and video programmes for Western Front (Vancouver), Video Pool (Winnipeg), Pandaemonium : Biennal of Moving Image (Londres), the Oberhausen Film Festival (Allemagne), the Manchester International Short Film Festival (UK) and Mutek (Montréal).