Artexte’s blog: a place for exchange, experimentation and sharing of ideas related to research in contemporary art.

This section gathers posts that showcase highlights from the collection, as well as links made between documents in the collection through serendipitous discovery.
This section highlights exchanges and conversations between the Artexte research community and the contemporary art community. It includes interviews, responses to articles or blog posts, or documentation of institutional partnerships.
This section features the work and observations of the individuals who frequent Artexte, including researchers, authors, students and artists.
This section is dedicated to employees, interns and volunteers who discuss their professional experience.

Blog guidelines and policies


articles, Artexte’s blog, is intended to be a place of exchange, experimentation and dissemination of ideas related to current art research. Built by and for the community, the platform is open to invited authors, and aims to be a tool for understanding and interpreting the Artexte collection. articles is a manifestation of our desire to promote critical thinking in contemporary art and to offer content that is freely available and accessible from anywhere.

Policy for publishing content by the community

In the spirit of ​​Open Access, articles encourages the dissemination of the research carried out by the community of users of the library. For this reason, the invitation to contribute is sent to all researchers and users who wish to take part in the project.

To participate, the first step is to read this policy and agree to its terms.

1 – Participating authors understand that the content published on the blog is, and will remain open and freely accessible from anywhere in the world. The participating authors agree to grant Artexte the right and the irrevocable license to publish the contents submitted on the institutional blog.

2- The authors commit to obtaining the rights of the entirety of the contents disseminated. They must not infringe the rights of a third party. The authors must obtain the authorization of the individuals involved in any contribution.

3- The blog is a tool for experimentation and freedom. However, authors should read the writing guidelines (available upon request). As mentioned in this guide, guest publications should be positioned within the organization’s mission. Artexte reserves the right to refuse certain publications that do not correspond to the criteria of the project.

4- The blog is a forum for exchange and cordial discussions. Participants commit to sharing their ideas with respect. Artexte reserves the right to remove any comments that are deemed inappropriate, and encourages the community to report any problematic content.

5- Artexte is committed to preserving and archiving the articles published in the context of the blog.

6- Artexte is not responsible for comments made in texts written by invited authors.

Visual Content Policy

Artexte is very serious about respecting the intellectual property, copyright and licenses of all visual content that we publish.  We make sure that we have the required rights or that our use falls under the category of Fair Dealing, in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act, in the distribution of any content via the blog.

Artexte is an organization that publishes content to encourage research and education. If, however, any of our images poses a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. Rest assured that the image will be immediately removed and that an investigation will be conducted in order to determine if there has been a copyright infringement. ­­

For any questions related to articles, write to