Subscribing to RSS feeds from e-artexte

rssRSS stands for Real-time Simple Syndication. It is a format for content syndication that allows you to subscribe to news and updates from specific websites without having to visit those websites every day. The news is delivered to you as a ‘feed’, and you can subscribe to multiple feeds and receive all your news in one centralized location through a ‘feed reader’ program.

e-artexte provides RSS feeds for any set of records found in the collection. Any time you do a search in e-artexte, you can then subscribe to a feed which will deliver new results to you in your feed reader.

This document contains instructions on how to subscribe to an RSS feed from e-artexte, using the free online feed reader software The Old Reader.

Download the instructions :

Subscribing to RSS feeds in e-artexte (PDF)

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