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Terms of Service
John Boyle-Singfield. [S.l.]: John Boyle-Singfield, 2013. [64] p. ; 30 cm. Text in English.

You have surely heard of Google! You have probably also used their many services (Google map, Google book, Gmail, etc.), but have you ever taken the time to read Google’s terms of service? Wanting to “raise the visibility of this important text”, artist Boyle-Singfield had the creative idea to transform this insipid text into melody. Instead of reading it, we can now sing it! And, we can sing it in any key! Come discover this artist’s book (in the form of a musical score) at Artexte and sing it in your own way!

If you would like to hear some examples, here are some links to two performances, one by the artist, and the other by a choir:

“John Boyle-Singfield is an artist living in Montreal. He produces works across a large array of media including music, video, image-based practices, performance and the internet. The artist takes part in various strategies akin to web archiving, appropriation and social readymade while considering the idea of the ‘non-author’ to give shape to his work. His work explores production and the dissemination of art in a world saturated with technology.” (SAGAMIE) HC


SAGAMIE. John Boyle-Singfield. (consulted July 29, 2014)


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Published on October 1st, 2014


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