Éditions Artextes : Three favorites

Come take a look at some of our favorite titles from Éditions Artextes:

Call Ampersand Response
Éditions Artextes & Nieves, 2012
196 p. : all ill. ; 26 cm
$ 38

This artists’ publication presents a 100% visual and creative dialogue between artists Michael Dumontier and Micah Lexier.

The Dictionary of Received Ideas
Éditions Artextes, 2010 (Supplement ; 3 & Galley ; 5)
circa. 400 p. : ill. ; 28 cm (English/French)
$ 40

The third issue of Supplement, this artists’ publication is also the fifth version of artists Derek Sullivan and Gareth Long’s ongoing visual exploration of Flaubert’s celebrated Dictionnaire des idées reçues.

S:ON – Sound in Contemporary Canadian Art
Éditions Artextes, 2003
240 p. : ill. ; 23 cm (English/French) + 1 Audio CD
$ 34.95

Edited by Nicole Gingras, with contributions by twenty authors and artists (including Tagny Duff, Raymond Gervais, Christof Migone and Jocelyn Robert). Undeniably, one of the most important anthologies on the history of sound based art in Canada.

These titles are available for sale through the Artexte website and through our research centre. For more details about these and other Éditions Artextes works, follow this link: Publications

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